• Pink Power Punch

        Don't let the delicate colour fool you - this baby packs a full punch. Pink is the ultimate powerhouse.

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      • Tastebud Tantalizer

        We didn't just infuse our kombucha with ginger because it's zen-instilling. We did it because baby's got bite.

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      • The Refresher

        Our kombucha can't erase last night's mistakes, but our mint and chlorophyll blend will help speed up your recovery.

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      • The New Afternoon Pick-Me-Up

        Forget sugary snacks and extra-tall orders of coffee -- you need a moment of calm.

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      • Kombucha With A Canadian Twist

        We couldn’t resist making a kombucha that's an ode to our Canadian heritage.

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      • Yogi in a Bottle

        Hot date? Job interview? Our hibiscus rose hips kombucha helps you feel great and get centred, so you can focus on what's really important: how your hair looks.

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      • RISE Kombucha:

        It's not for everyone.
        Nothing awesome ever is.

        Something to drink
      • Rose &

        Rose &<br>Schizandra
      • Ginger

      • Mint &

        Mint &<br>Chlorophyll
      • Lemongrass

      • Blueberry &

        Blueberry &<br>Maple
      • Hibiscus &
        Rose Hips

        Hibiscus &<br>Rose Hips
      • We're
        the Mother
        of All