Our first priority is to ensure that the ingredients you taste in each sip of RISE are organically grown, fairly farmed and of course- vegan and raw. We’re certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency and the Food and Drug Administration to give you peace of mind that unlike other drinks, the words you read on our labels mean exactly what you think. No skewed ingredients, no secrets and definitely no additives.


Canada Organic

We’ve worked hard to meet the stringent standards of the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. When you see this stamp on our bottle, you can be guaranteed that 95% of the ingredients in a bottle of RISE are organic. That’s quite a feat – if we do say so ourselves.


Gluten Free

In today’s world, “gluten-free” is often code for “settling”. It means selecting the sad, lonely option at the bottom of a long menu. Or having to timidly ask the waiter if they can substitute spaghetti for rice pasta. We don’t believe in asking any our fans to settle for a less good version of our kombucha – which is why all six flavours of RISE are certified Gluten Free by the Canadian. 



It’s your right to know the history and potential effects of everything you choose to consume. In keeping with our tradition of supporting a world without GMOs, RISE has joined other products in North America in taking part in the Non-GMO Project.