Sweet &

Reminiscing on celebrations, and
that sweet, creamy taste of a cool refreshing cola, we have you covered! Comforting with a hint of the familiar, perfect to indulge in on any occasion.

Only 2g of sugar
and 3g of fibers

Low in sugar
high in taste
3g of fiber
in every can
Only real

Upgrade your soda game with RISE,
healthier and just as delicious

Low in sugar, high in taste.
Sweetened by plants, flavoured by fruit juices! The unique blend of natural ingredients brings an exceptionally distinct profile to each flavour, unlike typical sodas filled with sugar, Better Soda is filled with benefits and tastes great!
3g of fiber in every can.
That’s like a whole apple’s worth of essential prebiotic food for your microbiome! Our sodas provide you with a natural source of fiber derived from the Cassava plant.
Only real ingredients.
Made with 100% good stuff. Each flavour contains 4-5% of real fruit juice and only natural ingredients, carefully selected equally for their benefits and their taste. What could be better than that?


Filtered water, Tapioca fiber, Apple juice concentrate, Lemon juice, Lime juice, Natural flavours, Cinnamon extract, Apple cider vinegar, Vitamin C, Himalayan pink salt, Vanilla extract, Black tea extract, Reb A (stevia leaf extract), Carbon dioxide.


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