Best tasting Low-Sugar Kombucha

Best Tasting Low-Sugar Kombucha

RISE prides itself on creating delicious balanced recipes for all of its flavours regardless of the product line. We want our consumers to really enjoy what they are drinking. 1g of sugar per serving was the trade-off to ensure an excellent consumer experience with a low sugar intake.

Why kombucha needs sugar

Sugar in kombucha is a vital component of the fermentation process. Without it, kombucha cannot ferment! The cultures consume the sugar and release CO2 (carbon dioxide, i.e. the bubbles) & ethanol (alcohol).

RISE uses raw, organic, unrefined cane sugar for our fermentation process. Our classic & limited edition flavours have only 5-7g of sugar per serving, and our 1g flavours have only 1g. By contrast, an 8-ounce glass of orange juice has roughly 24g of sugar.

Best Low Sugar Kombucha Flavours

Best Low-Sugar Kombucha Flavours

RISE is proud to use fresh and organic ingredients to brew delicious flavours of kombucha. All fruit and vegetable juices are fresh-pressed in-house, and the vibrant colour of our drinks comes 100% from the ingredients we use.

Raspberry & Vanilla

We wanted to make a fruit-forward flavour that would be unique – why make something simple when you can make something complex? Raspberry & Vanilla is our most challenging flavour to balance, but when you try it, you’ll realize it’s perfect.

What’s in the Bottle?

Filtered water, fresh raspberry juice*, active kombucha culture*, oolong tea*, vanilla extract*, elderflower*, natural raspberry flavour*, strawberries*, white tea*, raspberries*, hibiscus flower*, vanilla powder, green tea*, natural strawberry flavour*, xanthan gum, Reb A (stevia leaf extract)*, carbon dioxide. *Organic

Watermelon & Mint

A flavour that is light, refreshing and complex – a perfect summer drink! The combination of ingredients highlights the flavours of watermelon and mint.

What’s in the Bottle?

Filtered water, fresh watermelon juice*, active kombucha culture*, oolong tea*, spearmint*, watermelon natural flavour*, fresh beet juice*, red apple, hibiscus flower*, fresh lime juice*, pineapple*, green tea*, fresh blue potato juice, xanthan gum, Reb A (stevia leaf extract)*, carbon dioxide. *Organic

Kiwi & Pineapple

An explosion of fruit in your mouth. Flavours from every profile – mangoes, kiwi, peaches and grapes. We added spirulina extract to create this bold, magical colour that reminds us of the beach.

What’s in the Bottle?

Filtered water, fresh apple juice*, active kombucha culture*, oolong tea*, natural flavours (pineapple*, peach*, passion fruit*, mango*), fresh mango juice*, kiwi*, orange peel*, peaches*, fresh grape juice*, pineapple*, rose hips*, lemongrass*, green tea*, spirulina extract*, xanthan gum, Reb A (stevia leaf extract)*, carbon dioxide. *Organic

Mango & Papaya

A flavour that explodes on your taste buds and has an eye-popping colour based on yellow fruits like mango and papaya. It smells as great as it tastes and transports you to the Caribbean.

What’s in the Bottle?

Filtered water, fresh mango juice*, active kombucha culture*, oolong tea*, papaya*, natural flavours (mango*, papaya, passion fruit*), mango*, white tea*, pineapple*, orange peel*, turmeric*, rose hips*, green tea*, lemongrass*, xanthan gum, Reb A (stevia leaf extract)*, carbon dioxide. *Organic

How much sugar is in Kombucha Versus other Drinks

How Much Sugar is in Kombucha Versus Other Drinks?

The amount of sugar in kombucha is exponentially lower than those found in other soft drinks and juices. Consider the sugar content from 8 oz of other common beverages:

Sugar per 207ml:

RISE: 1-7g

GTs: 5.2g-8.7g

Brew Dr.: 5-7g

Minute Maid OJ: 19g

Mountain Dew: 26.7g

Root Beer: 25.07g

Dr. Pepper: 23.3g

Coke: 33.6g

Gatorade: 12.24g

Not only is kombucha a healthy, low sugar alternative, it is also very potent! Our kombucha is filled with living cultures that support digestion, the immune system and mental health. All RISE kombuchas are organic, vegan, gluten-free and contain no artificial ingredients.

Low-Sugar Kombucha Recipes

RISE has a variety of delicious low-sugar kombucha recipes fit for summer vibes, and those cooler days you need a little tropical pick me up.

Visit our recipes page for the latest!

Why Kombucha needs sugar

Kombucha & Sugar FAQ

You’ve got questions – we’ve got the answers!

Can you Make Low-Sugar Kombucha on Your Own?

Making a low-sugar kombucha is possible, though some may find it trickier to brew the perfect batch. The sugar in the brew is eaten up rather quickly, so tasting throughout the fermentation process is key.

How Much Sugar is Usually in Kombucha?

The amount of sugar usually found in Kombucha ranges from each brand and product. For example, our classic line contains 5g – 7g of sugar per serving. As no two kombuchas are the same, checking the sugar content is always a good idea if you’re staying away from the stuff – some kombuchas have 20g per serving!

The amount of sugar left in your Kombucha is entirely up to the brewers. Some tend to add more at the end fermentation process. They know that the SCOBY will not consume all of the sugar, but add it to balance the acidic/vinegar taste. RISE Kombucha doesn’t add any sugar after the fermentation process is over.

What Type of Sugar is Best to Brew Kombucha?

There are no best or worst types of sugar to brew Kombucha; however, we believe that organic is always best! All of RISE kombuchas are brewed with organic cane sugar, however, if you’re brewing at home, you have some other options:

Evaporated Cane Juice – Somewhat challenging for the SCOBY to consume.

Brown Sugar – Harder to break down throughout the fermentation process and will change your flavours significantly.

Agave – Tends to brew a sour kombucha batch. Note that it must be combined with another sugar variety that contains glucose for the long term health of the culture.

What Types of Sugar to Avoid When Brewing Kombucha?

Raw Honey – The naturally occurring bacteria will disturb the SCOBY and can do significant damage to its cultures.

Stevia – Because this is a plant sugar, it will not ferment.

Xylitol – Again, non-fermentable and useless for your batch!

Can You Combine Different Types of Sugar into Kombucha?

Like we mix our ingredients to create a variety of flavour profiles, different types of sugar can be added to your recipe. Ensure that they will not negatively affect your SCOBY or the fermentation process.

How to Measure Sugar in Kombucha?

We use various methods to measure and maintain a consistent amount of sugars in our products. You can measure the alcohol and sugar amount with a hydrometer, however, it is complicated to get an accurate reading.

For homebrewers, it’s best to trust your gut and taste buds. The longer you ferment, the lower the sugar content will be. Just keep tasting to ensure your perfect flavouring is achieved. Better yet, leave the science to us and pick up a bottle of RISE for consistent sugar and alcohol content!

Where Can I Buy Low-Sugar Kombucha?

RISE 1g is available at many national chains and independent stores. Check out our where to buy page for a retailer near you!

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