Do You Shake a Bottle of Kombucha?

While RISE Kombucha is filled with all-natural flavours and health benefits such as, organic acids and antioxidants, there’s no need to shake it like you would a fruit juice. It’s a common misconception, and if you are shaking your kombucha before drinking, you’re missing out on its true flavour and running the risk of spraying your ‘buch everywhere when you crack it open.

What’s That, at the Bottom of the Kombucha Bottle? 

Many kombucha drinkers assume that shaking the bottle is a part of the experience due to the sediment at the bottom of the bottle. It’s totally normal to see particles floating in your bottle; they’re bits of our ingredients, mainly tea. Over time, the sediment will increase as heavier particles sink to the bottom of the bottle.


Why Should You Not Shake Your Kombucha?

There are two reasons why you should never shake your kombucha; carbonation and sediment. 

Carbonation: Think about it, you wouldn’t shake your favourite soft drink before you pop the cap, so why would you do it to your bottle of RISE Kombucha? The deliciously fizzy flavour of kombucha derives from its fermentation process, which results in natural carbonation. When you shake a bottle of kombucha, you are building up pressure. When opened, the drink will spray everywhere! 

Sediment: When you shake a bottle of kombucha, you distribute the particles throughout the batch, changing the true taste of the brew. Although harmless, some people do not enjoy the texture of the sediment, and when shaken, it will disperse throughout the beverage.

What Happens if I Shake Kombucha?

When you shake a bottle of RISE Kombucha, the fizzy taste will be slightly off. Just like any carbonated drink, when shaken, it will become gassy and spill over when opened. 


I’ve Shaken My Kombucha, Can I Drink It?

As long as your bottle hasn’t exploded, you are ok to drink it. Like any other carbonated beverage, let it sit before opening, so it does not bubble over when you open it. 


How To Prep Your Bottle Before Drinking?

Before drinking your RISE Kombucha, gently swirl the bottle to activate its benefits. All of our bottles have a handy guide to show you what to do before you enjoy your brew!