Why RISE Kombucha is the Best on the Market

The Beginning of The Best

It’s 2008 in Quebec, and two friends named David and Mathieu make the decision to bring a relatively unknown beverage called “kombucha” onto the menu of the vegan restaurant they work at.

Little did they know that this decision, and the next step of deciding to create their own company, would result in RISE Kombucha, the company that provides Canada with the best kombucha on the market.

David Cote and Mathieu Gallant are both friends and Canadian entrepreneurs who founded RISE originally under the name of Crudessence Kombucha. They chose three initial flavours to launch their brand in grocery stores: Hibiscus & Rose Hips, Fresh Ginger, and Lemongrass – and they were clearly successful as many of these flavours are still available today.

The demand for RISE Kombucha and its fresh, creative flavours allowed David and Mathieu to grow the company and move from a small kitchen to a loft in the Mile End of Montreal.

This success of RISE would begin to lend itself to the general public’s knowledge of kombucha as a beverage part of a healthy lifestyle rather than just a trend. RISE has always made its mission to educate Canadians about kombucha, how it’s made, and its health benefits – while becoming increasingly innovative with new flavours and different products.


What is Different About RISE Kombucha?

To review, kombucha is a sparkling beverage made by fermenting tea and sugar with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, called SCOBY. Kombucha contains living cultures, organic acids, and antioxidants that help with digestion and support the immune system.

Real kombucha is raw, unpasteurized, and filled with good bacteria and yeast, which is what gives the body these health benefits. Unlike some of our competitors, RISE needs to be refrigerated, as all real kombucha should be, as not keeping it cold can result in spoiling or a decrease of its healthy properties. Always opt for RISE if you want to experience the full benefits of kombucha and enjoy its many flavours – the most offered by any Canadian kombucha company.

Since 2008, RISE has been producing kombucha for the forward-thinking, health-conscious consumer. Our fanatical approach in the lab and our passion for working with nature to ensure maximum health benefits allows RISE to create a certified organic kombucha that tastes great and makes you feel fantastic.

RISE’s better-for-you beverages are anything but basic – from our range of flavours, constant product innovation, and kombucha prescribed by nature, your body will be nurtured and your taste buds will be happy.

Each flavour is meticulously quality-controlled, tested, and approved by a caring team before hitting stores. And RISE Kombucha hits a lot of stores. RISE is available in Metro, Costco, Farm Boy, Whole Foods, Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart, and Loblaws, amongst many other stores.

This lends itself to something RISE believes is very important – health accessibility. Being able to pick up a delicious beverage that aids in gut health and strengthens your immune system while doing your weekly grocery shop shows that RISE cares about reaching Canadian consumers and spreading awareness about the health benefits of kombucha.


Revamping a High Quality Beverage

In 2010, while still under the name Crudessence Kombucha, RISE became the first kombucha brewer in North America to release their instantly popular 1L bottles. In 2012, Crudessence finally became RISE Kombucha and, to celebrate the rebrand, released two new refreshing flavours: Mint & Chlorophyll and Rose & Schizandra.

From 2014 onwards, RISE would continue to make moves and be increasingly innovative, whether by becoming available in more stores or expanding our flavours and product lines. In 2014, RISE relocated from Mile End to St-Leonard, allowing us to increase expansion with a bigger facility while still maintaining our original care and passion for delicious, healthy, authentic kombucha that stands out from its newer, mass-produced, sugary competitors.


A Proud Canadian Company

In 2018, RISE’s production facilities tripled in size thanks to project backing by Lyra Growth Partners, allowing us to maintain our proud Canadian reputation and keep it local by buying their bottles from a Montreal manufacturing company. Supporting RISE means supporting Canadian businesses, and they are grateful for every one of their customers.


All Of The Benefits with More Products and Flavours

In 2020, after the launch of many new flavours, RISE decided to launch our 1g line to meet the needs of the marketplace. RISE 1g provides kombucha lovers with delicious flavours that are lower in sugar, perfect for those who want to watch their blood sugar levels or just want a beverage that is super refreshing without too much sweetness.

Now embarking on our newest endeavour, RISE Botanicals, the goal to provide Canadians with a delicious, healthy beverage that boosts their immunity and maintains their gut health has stayed strong throughout this journey. The RISE team has been working behind the scenes on Botanicals, solidifying their commitment to offering a variety of better-for-you beverages that never compromise on taste. These sparkling adaptogenic beverages care for your body and mind.


Delicious Quality and Health Benefits for Almost 15 Years

Coming from humble beginnings, RISE Kombucha is a true Canadian success story. While ensuring they always stayed true to their values, RISE was still able to expand both their manufacturing and their product offerings. RISE 1g is the kombucha choice for people watching their sugar intake, something that was never before considered by other companies.

RISE Botanicals is the first beverage line from a kombucha company that takes care of body and mind through adaptogens – specifically targeting hormonal imbalance and internal stressors. And of course, our classic RISE Kombucha, which boasts 8 delicious flavours today, is still widely enjoyed by Canadians all across the country.

At RISE, we care about our customers, and we are passionate about our products. On the RISE website, you’ll find blog posts about recipes and mocktails – ways to incorporate kombucha into your diet that gives you all of the health benefits without compromising on taste.

In the grocery store, you’ll find RISE in its Kombucha, 1g, and Botanicals lines, with its delicious flavours and bright packaging. And at the heart of it all, you’ll find the RISE team, who stick to their goal every day of providing wellness and kombucha knowledge to all Canadians.

Let’s raise a glass (of kombucha!) to RISE – who knows where we will go next. A new product line, another delicious flavour, the possibilities are endless. RISE’s commitment to health, supporting local manufacturers, and providing a high-quality product makes it stand out amongst its competitors – and their long-lasting success proves they are the best kombucha brand in Canada.e