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Trying Kombucha for the First Time: What to Expect

Do you remember your first bottle of RISE Kombucha? You may have had no idea what kombucha was or were curious to know what the fuss was about! Or maybe this is your first time, and you’re searching for the answers before you take the plunge in tasting your first ever kombucha!

As there are so many different types of kombucha on the market, it’s tough to nail down exactly what to expect when you take your first sip, but we’ve got the basics covered in this handy FAQ.

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What Does Kombucha Taste Like?

Let’s start with what is in kombucha before diving into what it tastes like, as the two go hand in hand. Kombucha is a sparkling fermented beverage made with tea, water, sugar, SCOBY and other herbs, fruits, vegetables or functional ingredients. Unpasteurized kombucha is living, with ongoing fermentation.

As a result, some critical elements evolve, such as its sugar content, alcohol level, CO2 level, organic acids, yeast, and living cultures (AKA good bacteria)

No matter what flavour your kombucha is, this sparkling fermented beverage always has a flavourful, zingy taste. Thanks to its natural fermentation, there’s an effervescent sensation resulting from the yeast’s carbon dioxide and the good bacteria feeding on the sugar!

RISE Kombucha flavours are always accessible and balanced. Kombucha has a tart taste and is similar to a sparkling apple cider, but more sour. The taste can vary depending on the teas, fruits and herbs used in the process. We definitely believe that we have a flavour to suit everyone’s taste buds!

Is Kombucha Sweet?

There is, of course, a delicious sweetness to all RISE Kombuchas, but it is never overpowering. Each bottle has 1-7 grams of sugar and is mixed with delicious fruit and vegetable juices that are fresh-pressed in-house just in time for production!

The sweetness of your kombucha comes down to what ingredients are used for flavouring. For example, our Lychee & Jasmine flavour has a sweet and floral taste, whereas our Lemongrass kombucha is fresh and spicy!

Does Kombucha Taste Like Beer?

Some new to tasting kombucha refer to its fermented characteristics as ‘beer-like’ because they only have that tasting note to refer to. In reality, it doesn’t taste like beer at all! Kombucha may contain small traces of alcohol due to the fermentation process, however, we have developed a technique to ensure that alcohol volume remains below 0.5% throughout the product’s shelf life if kept refrigerated at 4 degrees Celsius.

Does Kombucha Taste Like Vinegar?

Kombucha’s tangy taste is a result of the fermentation process. However, if your kombucha has a more pungent vinegar smell or taste, it has possibly over-fermented. Remember: continuous fermentation increases the acidity, which can affect the flavour of your kombucha. To control the fermentation process, RISE Kombucha needs to be kept at 4 degrees Celsius.

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What is Kombucha Made From?

Kombucha is a beverage made by fermenting tea and sugar with a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast (SCOBY). While all kombuchas share these three key ingredients, specific flavours are created by adding different herbs, spices and fruits. These ingredients can also add functionality or health benefits to a kombucha! All of RISE Kombucha’s products are unpasteurized, organic, vegan, gluten-free, contain no artificial ingredients, and are proudly brewed in Montreal, Quebec!

Can You Drink the Kombucha Scoby?

So you’ve poured yourself a glass of RISE Kombucha, and you noticed something gelatinous floating around your drink. Meet our mother! A SCOBY is a cellulose where bacteria and yeast live together in symbiosis.

Some call it a tea fungus or mushroom, but it is not either of these. The confusion is due to the fact that yeast is a fungus, and mushroom is a fungus, but not all fungi are mushrooms.

The SCOBY is similar to a starter used in sourdough bread, as it’s used to ferment the tea to make kombucha. It is perfectly OK to consume, or not! Truly, the choice is yours.

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